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Discover a world of allure and transformation at VEGA Tradings. 

We curate an exquisite selection of the most coveted brands and cutting-edge trends, ensuring you have access to the finest products that redefine beauty standards and elevate skin vitality and youth

Our core brands are: Profhilo, Aliaxin , Viscoderm, Nithya, Bioderma, CeraVe, La Roche Posay, L'Oréal

 among others.

Natural Beauty Products
Profhilo wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Profhilo 32 mg - 2ml syringe

Injectable gel made with the highest concentration of pure hyaluronic acid sodium salt that nourishes the cells of the dermis and flatten the wrinkles

Profhilo Cream wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Profhilo Cream

Multi-action antioxidant cream for maintaining cellular vitality.
Face, neck, and décolletage remodeling. It Enhances firmness and elasticity and reduces micro-wrinkles

Profhilo Body wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Profhilo Body

Designed for tissue remodeling and improvement in skin laxity of the inner arm and the abdomen. 

Only 10 points of injection for each area are needed

Natural Beauty Products

Viscoderm hydrobooster

Hyaluronic acid injectable product, able to offer a dual function hydration and stretch the  superficial wrinkles. 

Viscoderm wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Viscoderm Pearls

provides ongoing, effective support of connective tissue renewal, repair, and antioxidant activity.

Viscoderm wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Viscoderm Cream 

Calming antioxidant skin repair to prevent the effects of aging and to protect the skin from damage.

Viscoderm wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Viscoderm CoverUp

A fluid, sterile, and multifunctional foundation, created to correct skin dyschromia while relieving pain and hiding redness 

Natural Beauty Products
Aliaxin Lips volume wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Aliaxin LV Lips Volume

Thanks to an optimal viscosity, it's indicated for harmonious lip 

Aliaxin Lips wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Aliaxin FL Lips

Specific product for lip refresh and fine line treatments for a lip gloss effect and natural redefinition

Aliaxin Essential volume wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Aliaxin EV Essential Volume

Restore partial volume deficits, to correct asymmetries and 
nose imperfections and to obtain a defined jawline.

Aliaxin Shape & Restore wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Aliaxin SR Shape & Restore

Dual action of reshaping and hydration processes,  Indicated for broad areas, and facial contour definition

Natural Beauty Products
Aliaxin Superior Volume wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Aliaxin SV Superor Volume

Indicated for the correction of important volume deficits and to
redefine contours

Aliaxin Global Performance wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Aliaxin GP Global Performance

Indicated for the treatment of the common facial imperfections, wrinkles and folds

SKINKO E (10 vials) wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Aliaxin EV Essential Volume

Prevention of early signs of skin aging and maintenance of active cell trophism in the dermis

Natural Beauty Products
Nithya Stimulate wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Nithya Stimulate - 5x5ml

Contains three powerful ingredients, each carefully selected to bring unique

Nithya Smooth wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Nithya Smooth - 5x5ml

The unique formula helps reduce wrinkles and expression lines, and relieve skin tension

Nithya Endless Beauty (Collagen Powder) wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Nithya Endless Beauty - 3x70mg

It restore the sensitive connective tissue of the skin with the sterile collagen powder and via injection therapy

Nithya Shield wholesale - VEGA TRADING

Nithya Shield - 5x3ml

Provides natural protection for the skin. It protects against oxidative stress and accelerae cell renewal

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